YAJ Finds

Managed to find another cool nismo trinket. Not gonna lie, I was a little dissapointed when i opened the box and found out how small the seat was haha. On the auction listing, it looked like a normal size chair. Oh well.
This is how it appeared on the auction listing:
 When I picked up it from the post office. Lol picture is by 18″ wheel for comparison.
 Its still a pretty neat item to have, came in handy the other day when I was working on my headlights, didn’t have to squat or kneel on the road, maybe I’ll find a cool way to put it in my car somewhere as an “emergency” chair haha.
 Speaking of interior details.
Completely forgot I had this, but its a bose subwoofer, I saw it in the trunk of some Honda I saw while browsing the internet one day, and figured it would be a great replacement for the extremely heavy 2 12″ kicker subwoofers that were in the back of my trunk. It looked very cool in the trunk of “racecar inspired” Honda I saw, can’t find the picture that gave me the inspiration though.


There is a story to almost every part I have, some better than others. While browsing the internet looking at drift events, forums, etc, I stumbled upon a picture of a car that grabbed my interest. But there was something very different about this car, that I absolutely loved, and wanted extremely badly.   After […]